1. Pros: This system throws it down hard ! It sounds amazing for a PC system. I have tested this system and others in my acoustic room. It passes. Cons: Does not produce entire range of sound. See below. Overall Review: I tested this and many other systems in my acoustic room. This system produced interesting results. First off , it does not go from 20-20,000Hz. It’s usable range is about 31-17,500Hz with small spikes at 41 Hz , 210 Hz, and a few places you will not notice. It lulls below 30 Hz and starts to sizzle above 18,000 Hz. With the addition of some small bullet tweeters wired in series with the satellites, you can move the range up to 22,000 Hz. Overall , this speaker system did well hitting 112 DB of sound pressure level. Really loud and fairly accurate at high volumes. Great system for the money. Needs more inputs to be useful as a home theatre system. Rocks a computer !

  2. Pros: -Sound quality is absolutely excellent. Watching Blu-rays on this makes me feel like I am in the theater! These are the best home speakers I have ever heard for less than $1k. -Connectivity. This is the reason I bought these and IMO their best feature. I have a PC, Xbox 360, Blu-ray, and and bluetooth wireless adapter (which connects to my laptop) all hooked up. Still could add 2 more devices (1 through digital coax, 1 through stereo line in)! -Stylish low-profile home theater look -Remote is great; I never have to move to adjust the sound Cons: Absolutely none… I’m not an audiophile so perhaps if you have a really good/trained ear you could pick on the quality. I don’t have that good an ear, so it just sounds like epic win to me. Overall Review: I bought these because I needed something to hook my Xbox 360 and Blu-ray up to. I didn’t want a home theater-in-a-box setup, since I don’t need another blu-ray player (and it is difficult to find those setups with optical inputs for other devices anyways). These are WAY cheaper than getting a comparable set of speakers + a receiver, so they were the best choice. I got these for $200 after using a 50% off coupon for Logitech’s website… probably the best value I have ever gotten from any tech purchase, ever. It was stupidly difficult to find anything inexpensive that I could hook up my Xbox 360 to… *so happy* that I found these at the discounted price. They have about the same sound quality as the Z5500 (with a tiny bit less bass), but they are a HUGE style and functionality upgrade if you are doing home theater and not just PC. I recommend ignoring bad reviews by Z5500 owners… I can’t recommend these highly enough, just try to find a deal for <= $300 or so on th

  3. Pros: My Z-5500’s went kaput and Logitech sent me these as a replacement. For better or worse? Well, the controller on these are a step up and they don’t have some of the issues like an overheating controller or an initial volume lag I had with the Z-5500’s and the power isn’t bad. I’d say satisfactory by comparison. BUT… Cons: The Z906’s are definitely a step down in power. The sub on the Z-5500’s was a beast. This sub, more like the Z-5500’s little brother, is satisfactory, but doesn’t have the raw unrestricted power of the Z-5500’s. Overall Review: Overall I’m satisfied, and if I didn’t have a direct comparison with the Z-5500’s, I’d say these are pretty good. I must note Logitech’s customer service is literally the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. When my Z-5500’s went out, I merely had to return the control pod for which they paid the shipping, and they sent me the Z906 upgrade complete with absolutely no cost to me. Because of that, Logitech in itself worth it’s weight in gold.

  4. Pros: Sound that can shake stuff 2 levels below you Cons: It breaks? You are ^^^^. I use to have good experiences with Logitech. Last time their product failed they offered me a discount to replace it. I am not going to claim that their product is poorly made. All I know is after a trip in a moving truck the control pod died. A common issue I soon found out. My issue is if your product is out of warranty, so a single year (a year?!), and a volume controller breaks.. Toss out the whole system! 50 lbs of working speakers that there is no way for you to use. Logitech Flat out refuses to sell replacement control pods. They force you to waste money on a new system instead of letting you buy a small piece of hardware. Unethical, ungreen, avoid. Judge the company on how they treat you when things go wrong.

  5. Pros: This is the best bargain on the market! Yes it is “refurbished” that just means someone didn’t know how to install it. Supper easy and fast install. Copy the drivers off the cd to a usb drive, boot off the Windows’s install disk point it to the usb drive and presto there it is. 15 minutes or so later windows is up and running. Windows 7 shows 7.9 on the WEI. A couple of test copies from my smaller revodrive3 showed 1500 MB/second burst writes and 500 MB/second sustained which is the read speed max on the smaller drive. Super fast boot! Cons: None Overall Review: Best bargain and best upgrade you can get for $268.00

  6. Pros: 500 Watt, THX-Certified 5.1 speaker system with a variety of both digital and analog inputs, a control console, and a remote control. Digital formats accepted are Dolby Digital Surround, DTS Digital Surround, and PCM (stereo). Analog inputs include 6-channel direct (3 cable), RCA stereo in, and Aux-in (3.5 mm on the side of the control console. Digital inputs include 2 digital optical inputs, and 1 digital coax input. There is no limit as to the number of inputs that can be connected at once; the active input is selected either from the control console or the remote control. Total RMS wattage of components: subwoofer is 165 watts, 6 ohms, at 10% THD. Satellites are total 335 watts RMS, 67 watts per channel, 4 ohms, at 10%THD. Frequency response is 35 Hz – 20 KHz. The satellite speakers are small enough for a computer desk and weigh two pounds each. The subwoofer is on the large side (11.5 x 11.1 x 12.6 inches) and weighs 19.8 lbs. Subjectively, these speakers deliver very clean sound. Volume will go higher than I can stay in the room for, with no apparent distortion. Unlike most “computer speakers,” these have good mid-range response as well as bass and treble. Response is also good at normal volume; it doesn’t require loud volume for these speakers to deliver good, balanced sound. Cons: No real cons noted. Overall Review: For these speakers to work as designed, you need to get the rear satellites behind you. This will not only improve the quality of movie and sound playback, it will also enable positional audio in the games that still support it.

  7. Pros: I have owned these speakers for 4 years now and they work just as perfect as they did on day 1. They have so many options for sound and pretty much any connection you would need. I have mine connected optically to the cable box and my PS4. Then my PC is connected with the analog cables. The speaker wires are plenty long enough to set up the speakers wherever you wish, and I use the remote this comes with all the time. As for how it sounds, it sounds amazing. It has all the bass you would ever need. Usually halfway up on the bass is plenty for me. The surround sound it puts out is like being in the theatres. Gaming with these couldn’t be any better. All the surround effects of bullets going by or a convoy of vehicles driving behind you is just awesome. Cons: The only negative thing I can think of is they make a pop sound rarely when you might switch cable channels too quickly and the sound is up high. It might just be due to the cable box but it only happens rarely so not worth docking these an egg for me because they work perfectly with everything else. Overall Review: I paid $340 for these, 4 years ago, and they have been well worth the money considering you can connect basically any device to it and it puts out theatre sound quality. Also, they feel really well made and strong quality. But that’s what I expect from Logitech. I bought some wall mounts for the speakers and they look great and sound great. I can imagine I’ll be enjoying these at least another 5+ years.

  8. Pros: Easy to set-up. Speakers are not cheaply made, good weight, tells me the magnets are a decent size, and their sound reflects such. Clear sound and clear deep bass. I already knew these were good my dad has the same ones. Gets 5 eggs! Cons: None as of yet. Overall Review: Mounts

  9. Pros: Good bass and volume for speakers powered solely by a single USB 2.0 port. The speakers have a solid footing and have a nice weight to them. The cords are long enough but not extremely lengthy to cause unsightly dangling or bundling of wires. Cons: I haven’t had any problems with them yet ( less than a month of use ) Overall Review: The right speaker has the volume control knob. The speakers themselves are kind of large, about as tall as a can of soda (Mountain Dew of course) and 1.5 times as wide.

  10. Pros: these sound good enough for me but I listen to music and play games quietly. cheap and simple Cons: haven’t noticed any Overall Review: the lack of subwoofer is a plus for me – fewer cables, less clutter. I’m not an audiophile

  11. Pros: – Bass response that is naturally widened rather than artificially loud, thanks to rubber-padded drums and dome shaped interior. Some have said that the bass is too strong, but I feel like that’s more due to acoustic design than aggressive built in EQ. – Great sound quality for the price – Very attractive, compact aesthetic Cons: – Exposed drums make it dangerous to travel with; Front drum on the right speaker of my unit came slightly chipped in shipping. Not a big enough issue to RMA over, but these are definitely not a pair of speakers I’d travel with due to how easily they seem to be damaged – too much pressure on a drum, and the rubber will break leaving you with a busted speaker. – hard wired USB and 3.5mm cables mean that if they break, you can’t change them out. – Requires both a USB and 3.5mm connection, presumably to get more power to the preamp. That means these things can get pretty good volume, but they demand at least two ports on your PC to work at all. Overall Review: I’ve listened to quite a few pairs of budget desktop speakers. Audiophile quality is great and all, but very few people are going to pay upwards of $50 after dropping $500+ on a PC build. At the price point these speakers are placed at, you’re getting overall good audio quality and great acoustic design. It’s hard to place it, but the sound quality from these feels “fuller” than most speaker pairs, or even headsets, I’ve used, and even though the audio quality isn’t technically very astounding, the acoustics make up for any shortcomings on that front, in my opinion. The sound from these things really fills the room. For people who take their computer and/or sound system on the go a lot, I would recommend a more durable solution. But as the builder of a new PC, these were a perfect fit for my needs, and I would easily recommend them to anyone else in the same use case. GNU/Linux users will be happy to know that this peripheral worked flawlessly for me out of the box on several different distros.

  12. Pros: Unique design for sure Cons: None at all Overall Review: This 2.0 system punches way above its class. I would challenge anyone to find media speakers that perform at this level in the price range, or even double, or triple the price. Plug the USB into a 3.0 / 3.1 port or power strip quick charge for increased performance. Awesome for what they are: inexpensive media speakers.

  13. Pros: Easy set up No power outlet needed, USB powered Fairly small size, desk looks cleaner Decent sound for small, usb powered speakers Cons: None, I knew what I was buying Overall Review: Bought these to replace speakers at work. Old speakers had one “blown” speaker that made listening to music while working annoying. I work in an old building, electric outlets are at a premium so freeing up one with usb powered speakers was a good thing. When I 1st plugged in the speakers I thought I would be RMAing them. They hissed, popped, music was distorted. It was awful! Rearranged some of the usb cords on the pc, voila! Sound! Once the hissing and popping stopped I fired up google music and threw on some tunes. If you’re an audiophile, these aren’t for you. But, for the average listener I think you’ll be impressed with how these sound for small usb powered speakers.

  14. Pros: – Cheap – Impressive sound for the size and price Cons: – Slightly sibilant treble, but it gets better after a couple of days – Cord between right and left speaker could have been longer (it’s long enough for a single 27 inch monitor, but not for a super wide setup, let’s just say) Overall Review: Of course, you’re not gonna pump a party with these or do professional mixing, and of course, the bass is compressed, but the sound is actually great. Very accurate-sounding mids and clear highs, with an impressive amount of bass for the small size. Sounds great with pop, or for listening to Udemy courses and YouTube videos. A great cheap replacement for bad in-monitor speakers if your goal is not mixing or creating a home theater.

  15. Pros: -Price $25 -Bass in tiny space Overall Review: Surprised by these and now I want to buy them for all my friends. Cool bass from the rear. Easy choice.

  16. Pros: – Incredible sound if you just don’t push them – Bass is astonishing – Price Cons: – None Overall Review: Finally installed them for good after thinking I would have to turn them on and off every time I would sit before my PC but no! you can leave them on 24/24: just allow OS to turn this device off so there is no charge power provided to speakers when your PC is in sleep mode. Even if green light is on on speakers, they receive only a weak current. 😉

  17. Pros: I plugged the audio cable into the headphone jack on the back of my nixeus v2 monitor and decided to listen to just the desktop speakers first and they sound terrific by themselves with the subwoofer the set is the bomb for playing music and internet work. these speakers will not shake the walls but the sound is superb even at the highest level of volume. I believe if a gamer did not need nuclear sound levels these speakers would be the ticket if desktop space is a problem. as others have stated the audio cable is the shortest of the three but if you have an audio out connection on your monitor all is good. and the usb cable is long enough for a reach to the computer with length left over. the subwoofer cable is not a problem at all. the desktop speakers have a round rubber base that not only holds the speakers in place but eliminates any vibration. there is also rubber pads on the feet of the subwoofer. in my opinion if you are short on tabletop space these speakers are what you need and they look good. this set is also perfect for a laptop which I own also and have used this speaker set on. in summary the quality and audio from this speaker set is well worth the money. Cons: none at all Overall Review: I would recommend this set to other people.

  18. Pros: – Small – Great sound output – No humming/buzzing Overall Review: I’ve been very happy with these so far. They were simple to set-up and the sound output is very good, even considering their size. I would purchase them again for anywhere I didn’t need full studio speakers.

  19. Pros: for the size these speakers sound great , I would buy them again Overall Review: the shipping was fast and I have no regrets buying these speakers , worth the money

  20. Pros: Great sound, very powerful when plugged into the usb-c port. Amazing audio clarity with well balanced sound, good bass. Cons: Wish there was a way to switch off the blue LED light, but other than that, no cons. Overall Review: I highly recommend these speakers.

  21. Pros: Look nice, decent sound quality for what they are. They’re USB powered, and they come with a USB-C cable and USB-C to USB-A adapter. Pretty nice to see that on such inexpensive gear. Cons: Would have been nice if they would just use the USB cable to deliver audio, so I only had one plug. Doesn’t come with a wall wart, so you have to plug both cables into your PC. Overall Review: These are actually pretty nice speakers. I wish the instructions were more clear about what the “High gain” switch does. I can’t hear a difference. Maybe it does nothing?

  22. Pros: High Gain/Low Gain switch if you need to limit volume. Open back gives great bass Long Wires USB power, frees up the power strip Cons: USB power means they never turn off completely Overall Review: These things fit great under my desk for casual music listening. Great for set-and-forget installation. Unless you really want the thump of a subwoofer, these two speakers will keep your ears happy across a variety of music types.

  23. Pros: Great sound, easy hook – up plays from mac Mini & old iPod Small size does not take up much precious work area space Not as much base as my 36″ Polk Audio tower speakers, quite adequate for work area Placed in front of window glass behind work area on either side of twin monitors, there seems to be a “middle channel” probably from the passive radiators on the rear of the speaker enclosures. Non-standard design is appreciated, does not look line any other speakers Cons: Power hungry, I had to plug into a USB power strip w/ 2.5 amp output, ordered from NewEgg at the same time 🙂 Overall Review: Would recommend to anyone wanting medium volume speakers for music or other YouTube content. Would not keep running with the USB power directly from Mac Mini, will need outboard USB power source. At this price point, cannot go wrong.

  24. Pros: Decent sound, but won’t knock your socks off. Cons: No headphone jack. Overall Review: After reading other reviews, I really expected to be wowed. They sound okay, but are not tremndous.

  25. Pros: Good quality of voice, affordable price Cons: coil whine Overall Review: I am surprised by the good quality of this soundbar with such an affordable price! Get to enjoy nice music while working and very easy to set up . Highly recommend.

  26. Pros: Its very well priced It fits under my monitor The sound quality is surprisingly good for its size and price LED can be turned on/off at will The cable is a usable length Cons: The legs dont have felt pads or anything on the bottom so it can slip around when adjusting the desk or monitor Overall Review: Definitely surpassed my expectations for how cheap it is and would definitely recommend it for anyone else looking for decent quality sound at a low price

  27. Pros: Cheap and loud Cons: Static buss makes it useless and cost of return label from Newegg over $20 make it total lost. In over 10 years of being Newegg customer its first time I attempt to return item and was unpleasantly surprised. Well… there is other vendors with better return policy Overall Review: I dont recommend this product

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